Introductory portfolio review

If you would like to explore working with the Dow Investment Group, we would be pleased to provide you with an introductory analysis of your current investment program.

Issues that we address include:

  • Is your portfolio well positioned to participate in the growth areas of our economy?
  • Does your portfolio subject you to an unacceptable risk of irrecoverable loss?
  • Is your list's purchasing power protected from inflation?
  • Are you invested efficiently, or is your portfolio laden with hidden costs that significantly curtail its ability to generate gains for you?

Our review is at no cost or obligation.  It provides us with an opportunity to show you how we approach investing in the securities markets and provides you with an additional perspective on your portfolio.

We can help you understand the character of the portfolio you own, why it may or may not meet your expectations, and how we think you might improve upon its potential to serve your needs.

To initiate the process, please simply send to us your name and mailing address.  We will then mail to you a short questionnaire for the information we would need.

Thank you for your interest.