Dow Managed Portfolios

Strongly Invested in Your Future

The Dow Investment Group offers the services of a world-class investment firm dedicated to improving clients' financial lives and making their futures more secure. As an independent firm, the company provides objective advice and is committed to excellence for its clients.

With the benefit of over 70 years of experience in the financial markets, the company has developed an expertise and knowledge base that has served its clients well-- enabling them to enjoy healthy returns during prosperous economic periods, while mitigating downside risk during adverse markets.

Through Dow Managed Portfolios, the Dow Investment Group provides comprehensive investment counsel and portfolio management to affluent investors, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Our clients benefit from the firm's disciplined and academically-oriented investment approach as well as our extensive experience in the securities markets. High net worth individuals tend to invest with a long-term perspective. With origins dating back to the 1930s and with client relationships often spanning generations, Dow Investment Group appreciates that wealth preservation and growth are cornerstones of your family's security. We invest with that view firmly in mind.