Dow Software Corporation

Dow Software develops portfolio management and securities analysis software for broker/dealers and their financial advisors, stockbrokers, and money managers. The company was formed originally to provide programming services to Dow Investment Group, based on that firm's investment philosophy.


Broker's Ledger is a comprehensive portfolio management suite, enabling the professional financial advisor to monitor and manage large numbers of client portfolios using a variety of proprietary metrics. The software provides:

  • Householding of accounts structure;
  • Portfolio Quality, Portfolio Growth, and Portfolio Diversification Indices;
  • Realized capital gain and loss schedules;
  • Portfolio Review module, enabling the advisor to make portfolio adjustments highly tailored to the individual client's portfolio and sub accounts;
  • Substantial reporting tools;
  • Historical performance analyses;
  • Integration with clearing firm databases;
  • Service request module for efficient broker/dealer communications;
  • Client contact features for efficient client communications.

Stock Analyst enables the financial advisor to analyze common stocks.

Measures include:

  • Changes in earnings and sales per share growth rates, and total sales growth rates;
  • Internal Growth Rates: Retained earnings expressed as a percentage of book value;
  • Adjusted Growth Rates: Earnings per share adjusted for changes in profit margins, providing a "core" growth rate;
  • Excess Market Risk Valuations: Percentage by which a stock's current pricing ratios exceed the median of the company's average annual ratios for the previous ten fiscal years (seven ratios, including price-to-book value, price-to-earnings, and price-to-sales);
  • Institutional and Insider Transactions.

Inquiries may be directed to:

Russell Dow, 358 US Route One, Falmouth, Maine 04105.


Dow Investment Group, LLC has no ownership interest in Dow Software Corporation.