Correspondence course

We invite you to participate in our correspondence course on investing offered through the Dow Publishing Company.

The course consists of a series of papers on various investment topics, each accompanied by a set of worksheets designed to promote an understanding and retention of the materials covered.

This is an academically-oriented course. Its purpose is to acquaint the student with the nature of the securities markets and the risk-return characteristics of various types of securities. It is meant to convey information essential to prudent, productive, and efficient investing. It should enable the participant to develop an enlightened, comprehensive, appropriate, and unambiguous hands-on approach to the management of his own investment portfolio or enable him to evaluate the management of his portfolio, if delegated to others. The general subject matter covered in the course may be found under "Articles" elsewhere on this web site.

If you would like to enroll in the course, please send a check for $250* payable to:

Dow Publishing Company, Inc.
358 US Route One
Falmouth, Maine


*This course is available at no cost to Dow Investment Group clients.

We will send you Lesson #1, together with the accompanying worksheets. When you return the completed worksheets to us, we will grade and return them to you.  In addition, we will send you the text and worksheets for the next lesson.

There are a total of twelve lessons.

We thank you for your interest.