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Third Quarter, 2010 - The Great Abyss

Major Risk Factors in the U.S. Economy and How Investors Can Prepare for Them


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A "Barbell" Approach to
Asset Allocation

Conventional Wisdom? (PDF)

Darwinism in the Stock Market (PDF)

Deferred Annuities (PDF)

Efficiency and the Control of Risk (PDF)

"Growth" Versus
"Value" Investing

High Price-Earnings Ratios
& The Control of Risk

How Many Stocks to Buy (PDF)

International Investing (PDF)

Indexing (PDF)

Investing for Growth Versus

Investing for Dividends (PDF)

Investing for "Safety" (PDF)

Investing for "Total Return" (PDF)

Investing Versus Gambling (PDF)

"Large Cap" Versus
"Small Cap" Investing (PDF)

Measurement of the
Safety of a Mutual Fund

The Mother of All
Hedge Funds & The Efficient Market Hypothesis

Mutual Fund Efficiency
and Performance


Conglomerates (PDF)

Convertible Bonds (PDF)

Gold & Other Precious Metals Stocks (PDF)

Initial Public Offerings (PDF)

An Explanation of
"Junk" Bond Ratings

Mortgage Pass-Thru Securities (PDF)

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) (PDF)

Preferred Stocks (PDF)

Sustainable Versus

Unsustainable Sources

of Growth (PDF)


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